We Are Dedicated To Building Better Communities

…Let Us Rise Up and Build. So They Strengthened Their Hands For This Good Work.

– Nehemiah 2:18

Community Health

Health Care Reform In Action – The Affordable Care Act is available, with new consumer protections that end discrimination based on pre-existing health conditions, ending annual limits on what an insurance company will cover, and offering all Americans access to affordable health care.

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Community Partnerships

The Emergency Fund Coalition, (EFC),  For Older Philadelphians – Nearly 120,000 seniors in Philadelphia (45%) are defined as poor and many live at or below the poverty level. The Healthy Caregiver is one of 24 member organizations who help seniors facing severe hardships. We are America’s Partner In Family Caregiving.

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Women Veterans ROCK

The “Women Veterans ROCK!” Rally & Advocacy Campaign – Is a coalition of Women Veteran Organizations and Women Advocacy Organizations supporting Women Veterans in the areas of: Housing; Jobs; Education; Financial Stability; Health and Wellness. We empower America’s Military Women through Civic Leadership Programs.

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Public Policy Watch


Supreme Court Upholds President Obama’s Health Care Reform – The Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act and issues a clear and final ruling on President Obama’s health care initiative and it is now law.  Millions of Americans now have the security of affordable health care coverage and new consumer protections.

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The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with satellite operations in the Washington, DC Metropolitian Area. The Foundation also has affiliates in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.

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