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Core Services & Contract Services

We are community advocates uplifting the rights and interests of the elderly, the poor, women & children; and other under served communities. The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life for vulnerable populations.  We successfully achieve our core mission by working in collaboration with like-mined organizations and “Connecting Caregivers as One Community.”

Our team of professional trainers and educators possess more the 150 years experience in teaching diverse adult populations. We conduct educational series on: Veterans Reintegration & Education Assistance Programs; Public Health Care Initiatives; Medicare and Medicaid; Low Income Subsidies; Financial Literacy Education; Youth Leadership & Workforce Development Programs; and we provide Capacity Building & Technical Education Programs for Leaders of 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Faith Based and Nonprofit Organizations.

Focus Groups
We organize and facilitate Focus Group Studies. Our Foundation successfully utilize focus group results as a powerful means of identifying and analyzing gaps in community-based services; measuring current needs; and to project future needs for services and public information.

Outreach, Recruiting & Research
Our services may be procured to conduct Outreach, Recruiting and Motivational Research Studies with:

  • Women Veterans, Military Spouses and Military Families
  • Veterans Service Organizations
  • Senior Adults, Family Caregivers & Professional Caregivers
  • Military Youth & Young Professionals Leadership Development Groups
  • Faith Based and Community Service Organizations
  • Families in Low-Income Communities to examine attitudes and perceptions on health care, consumer products, services, public policy, advertisement and other public initiatives.

Public Health
We are recognized for our unique expertise in Medicare Public Education, Advocacy, Community Outreach, and Enrollment Projects. Our expertise includes: The New Affordable Care Act of 2009; Original Medicare; The New Medicare Prescription Drug Program of 2005; Medicaid; Employer Sponsored Health Care; along with other State and Federal Health Insurance Programs.

Public Policy
Our Foundation remains engaged in the public discourse and debate on Public Health and The New Affordable Care Act; the Medicare Prescription Drug Program; Low Income Subsidy (LIS) for Seniors and Needy Families; Financial Stability and Sustainability for the Chronically Unemployed & Under-employed; The White House Faith Based & Community Initiative (FBIC); and public policies affecting Post 9/11 Military Service Men & Women, Reservists, National Guard, Veterans and Military Families.

Public Affairs
Our public affairs activities are guided by our core mission to uplift the rights and the interests of the elderly, the poor, women and children, and other under served communities. We provide Public Affairs Consultants to plan, implement, and manage community-based public affairs initiatives. Our consultants are successfully building bridges into culturally diverse and multi-lingual communities.

The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation’s broad spectrum of public and private partnerships includes: area agencies on aging, academia, business, consumer groups, faith based service organizations; senior centers, senior housing; labor unions; government agencies; veterans service organizations; networks of volunteer agencies & community organizations.


The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with satellite operations in the Washington, DC Metropolitian Area. The Foundation also has affiliates in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.

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