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The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation
Commissions a 10 Year Research Study Of
America’s Women Veterans

PHILDELPHIA, PA – The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation, (The Foundation), commissions a 10 year research study of America’s Women Veterans.  This long-term study will be conducted by the Women Veterans Research Consortium, a newly created division of The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation.  With the establishment of the Women Veterans Research Consortium, The Foundation has expanded its capacity to conduct extensive focus group studies of: women veterans; the children and families of women veterans; the service providers who provide supportive services to women veterans; and to research the emerging trends of care-giving in the families of America’s Women Veterans.

This 10 year study examines the challenges, opportunities and barriers facing America’s Women Veterans as they transition from military service to civilian life.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs reports there are 1.8 million women veterans in America.  These women veterans are an average of 47 years old and the top three reported health issues among women veterans are: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Hypertension and Depression.  Women veterans are one of the fastest rowing segments of America’s veteran population.  The Veteran Administration estimates that women veterans will constitute more that 15% of all America’s veteran population by 2020.

Deborah Harmon-Pugh, President & Editor-In-Chief of The Healthy Caregiver Community Foundation says, “Women Veterans have a long history of honorable service to our country.  We have commissioned this 10 year study to closely examine the triumphs and troubles of women veterans as they work to reintegrate themselves back into the fabric of civilian life.  This long-term research study presents the Women Veterans Research Consortium with a unique opportunity to provide the country with targeted annual status reports on the post-military lives of women veterans.  It will also enable us to identify emerging trends;  produce valuable targeted data over a 10 year period of time; and present America with current resource information about America’s Women Veterans.”

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